Barton Sports Hall (Barton Neighbourhood Centre)



Underhill Circus, Headington, Oxford OX3 9LS

Entrance: Not from the front. If you go around the rear of the building where the sports cage is you will see a backside entrance - This leads to the sports hall. You will find us there!

Course Dates:

No Course here over the holidays. Please see Sandhills Primary School Venue for the next nearest course to you which is running this Easter Holidays.


You can either book for per day or for the full course. You can also book standard hours (9am-3pm) or extended hours (8:30am-3:30pm).

Standard Hours: £16 p/day or £42 for the full course (3 day course).

Extended Hours: £20 p/day or £53 for the full course (3 day course)

Current Offers

  • 10% Off Early Bird Discount Offer! Book before the 4th of Feb to receive this automatically off any holiday booking.
  • 5% Coupon on Referral! If you refer a friend to us and they book onto a class or course you both will get a 5% off coupon to use against any booking with us!
  • Sibling Discounts available!

Book Here:

It is quick and easy! (Approx 5 minutes to fill form and make payment).


Children Who Visit Our Course Here Attend the Following Schools:

Sandhills Primary School

Bayards Hill Primary School

Windmill Primary School

Woodfarm Primary School

Wheatley Primary School

​Tyndale Community School

St Christopher's Primary School

and so many more! ....

​Your Child's School?!