Our Drive and Philosophy


Where it all began...

WR Sports Ltd formed as a limited Company in 2018. We started off as WR Soccer Schools in 2015. 

Our love for sport's education and our desire to help young people grow as athletes AND AS INDIVIDUALS has brought us here today.

No matter what your circumstances are, you have the right to enjoy sports and develop as anyone else. You may do that differently but that's what we're here for!

Everyone has the right to find comfort in sports.

Dynamic Coaching: Unique, forward-thinking, engaging and lively. These are the things you can expect with WR Sports.

We believe we offer an amazing, modern coaching style that gives children the best opportunity to develop their skills in a positive and safe learning environment.

Our behaviour management style ensures that we challenge every piece of poor sportsmanship and every giggle at somebody who is trying their hardest and ensure that all players are on a level playing field. We are all at different levels and learn in different manners - This does not mean one is better than the other. We also ensure that we are bubbly, fun (childish at times!) and have an appropriate relationship with children so that they have trust in us and feel relaxed and comfortable.

When the complete environment is correct then true learning can take place. This means whether you are a beginner or a higher ability player, you will learn and progress with us. 

Above all, we aim to provide a fun and safe environment where children will grow a passion for sports - So that we can facilitate their kick-start in a healthy and active lifestyle.


Key Points to our Philosophy

  • We are innovative with our approach - We do not use dated, linear coaching practises which were taught in past generations and incredibly, still are used now.
  • We categorically dismiss any sort of over-coaching (telling a player where to stand, when to pass, shoot or dribble etc)
  • The atmosphere for the sessions are fun and stress-free.
  • We set up sessions for the children to take control and shine. We encourage decision making from the players with our sessions being "player-specific" and not "coach-specific".
  • Sessions are created to be free-flowing with as less interruption as possible.
  • Children being coached by WRSS will be put into performance realistic environments only. 
  • Children are given visual images and oppurtunities to be guided into an understanding rather than just given the necessary information.
  • ​Sessions have plenty of variation and are constantly fluctuating.
  • Children of ANY ability will be challenged further to improve their game.